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Star Battlefield3Fans
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Group Founder: nfxcr3w
Description: If your a Battlefield 3 Fan Join here and share your rankings and tips here.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 27
Category: Games > Playstation 3

Topics (4)

go Battlelog Report (0) nfxcr3w
Post your battlelog reports here and shhow them off.

go Rankings (3) nfxcr3w
What ranking are you? im 57 nearly on my way to 58.

go Platoons (4) nfxcr3w
What platoon are you guys in? if you haven't already you can signup here FREE to get a better reading of what ranking you are and creating platoons and joining them

go How can i find a better stats (0) nfxcr3w
Well simple you can check this site out then typing your gamer tag in the search box and clicking what platform your playing Battlefield 3 on and knowing all details of your stats....

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Polls (4)

go Favourite Armored Kill map
go What Class Do You Use The Most?
go Favourite Back To Karkand Maps?
go Favourite Default Maps?